pplpleasr is a multidisciplinary artist based in NYC.

Her work as a digital artist includes visual effects credits in feature films (Batman v Superman, Wonder Woman, Star Trek Beyond), commercials and Blizzard game cinematics.

In 2020, pplpleasr went viral creating original animations to help define the Decentralized Finance movement as well the NFT space.

The style of pplpleasr’s work is influenced by animated films, the underground music scene, video games, and traditional Chinese and Japanese art. She developed a custom toon shader which gives the illusion of 3D elements being 2D illustrated, inspired by the art of Moebius.

Outside of digital mediums, pplpleasr often incorporates hand drawn elements into her work and is familiar with traditional mediums such as painting.

Pplpleasr’s work strives to find the perfect balance between the extremes of being familiar enough that it’s not alienating, and novel enough that it’s not boring.

©  pplpleasr 2021